Daughter:Dad,s wife Part 2

After my orgasm had subsided and I felt the last flutter of my pussy,
I lay on the bed panting and dazed with my eyes closed. I was
collapsed and completely spread out on the bed. My spread legs hung
over the side of the bed. My big titties were spread out across my
chest. And even my arms were spread out on the mattress. I was as
sexually fulfilled as I had ever been in my life.

He stood up and said, “I’m glad you liked that. But, look at what
I’ve got. ” I opened my eyes and saw him standing beside the bed
between my legs. His cock was completely hard again and standing out
to it’s full thickness and 9 inch length. His heavy balls hung
between his legs and looked as if they were full of sperm again. He
bent over and put his hands under my arms and pushed me further up
into the middle of the bed.

I watched him as he climbed on top of me. I felt his big, hard cock
against my thigh as his muscular body lay between my spread legs. As
he held himself up on his hands, the muscles of his strong chest and
broad shoulders flexed. I ran my hands over his chest and shoulders,
loving the feel of his hard flesh against my hands. He reached down
between us and aimed his swollen cock head against my wet slit. I
gasped out loud as I felt him push his thick cock head into my tight

My eyes closed and I moaned loudly as he slowly pushed his big, thick
cock all the way into my hot, tight pussy. My hands slid down to his
strong ass as he pushed his cock into me.

He took his massive tool and pressed the plum sized head against my
hot, tight hole. Inside I was dry, but outside was covered in sweat.
He used external lubrication as he shoved his cockhead against my
slit and forced the lips in and back.

“Ohhhhhhwwww,” I wailed.

He shoved harder and watched his cockhead slowly sink into the tight
hole, watched my slit part, the lips surround his shaft as his head
disappeared into my body.

My little cunt lips were spread wide apart, close to splitting, as
the massive head pushed it’s way into me. I felt as though my pussy
couldn’t open any more, then cried as it was spread further apart.

He shoved harder, and I cried out in pain as his cock jabbed into me.
I was breathing heavily. I tried to look up at the ceiling, to ignore
what was going on, but it didn’t work. I gasped in pain each time he
thrust forward, each time he forced his cock another inch into my

Then I realised that yesterday though he breaks my hymen but he
didn’t enter to me fully. I whimpered I’m misery and looked up,
hoping for some kind of mercy.

I screamed as he lunged forward, slamming his cock through my cunt,
ripping my cunt open as he fell forward a top my slender body.

I sobbed and moaned and panted for breath as his cock was slowly
forced all the way up my cunt pipe to the very end.

He grunted and jerked his hips up and down. His cock tool jammed and
twisted in my fuck opening, jerking back and forth, thrusting deeper
with each passing second.

He threw his hips forward and I cried out in shock as his cock drove
deep into my belly. I could feel his cockhead way up inside her,
mashing against my cervix, and my elastic cunt walls were forced wide
apart by his throbbing member.

I felt his thick cock deep inside me, and my guts shook at the
forceful penetration. My pussy felt bloated and strained. I cried out
as he thrust in sharply, and his cock pushed in even deeper, hitting
something way up inside mine, and going through, his cock growing
even longer and thicker within me.

He drove his cock in to the balls, twisting it around in the pussy
pipe, rubbing his loins against my splayed thighs, and against my
pussy mound.

He kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth.

“Yeaaaahh.. ” He sighed, “There’s nothing better than a tight pussy
like this wrapped my cock. You’re so tight!”

He began to fuck, using short strokes at first, grunting as my tight
pussy involuntarily squeezed his hard prong. Then working up speed
and distance until he was fucking me with long, deep, violent

He slid his lips over my left nipple, sucking and biting at the hard
little button. His cock pumped hard inside me, jerking in and out,
tearing my cunt apart as he enjoyed my soft, young body. I could feel
today also blood seeping down my legs.

” I grunted in pain each time his weight slammed down against mine.
His cock was tearing in and out of my just opened pussy tunnel in
wild, uneven movements, twisting around inside my belly, punching
upwards into my guts again and again as he raped my hole.

I could feel every ridge, every vein, every hair on his cock as it
pumped up and down in my pussy tube, could feel me soft, elastic
flesh forced wide open, as his cock thrust in, could feel it
straining around the thickness of the prick, then could feel it
closing as his cock retreated up my tunnel again.

Again and again his big cock plunged to the bottom of my aching pussy
tunnel, as he made use of my soft, nubile, eighteen year old body.

He continued to growl and grunt like an animal, his hips grinding
into me as his prick pumped inside my lower belly.

I was being skewered but good, his cock plunging up and down on my
cunt box like he was churning butter on high speed.

My cunt was now burning, I was being so utterly pounded that my
overwhelmed, blasted mind just wanted it to end. But it didn’t, he
continued to hammer down into me, his cock slicing back and forth
between my taunt cunt lips as he drove his cockhead deep into my body
with each stroke.

I cooed. “Nice deep long strokes. I’ll grip you with my pussy. Mmmmm,
can you feel that? Can you feel me tightening around your thick cock?
That’s it… mmmmm… deeper… deeper… now fuck me.. Harder…
harder… faster… faster… yes.. oh yes… AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH

His hands holding me in position easily as he hammered his hips back
and forth, using his strength and muscles to tear his cock shaft in
and out of my tight, little fuck opening.

His fuck pole continued to hammer into my slit with relentless
stamina and vigour.

“I pump you full of cum. I spurt it hot and hard up your sweet little
cunt. ” He grunted gazing down into my pretty black eyes. ” Are you
ready for a cuntful of steaming hot cum?”

“Yeah! Oh yeah! Here it comes! ” He grunted, and he began to lunge up
and down violently on top of my, fucking his cock to the hilt inside
me. His ass pumping up and down madly.

My moaning got louder. “Please cum inside me, I’m ovulating right
now”. I explained to him. This only set him over the edge and
exploded his hot cum deep into my unprotected womb. He kept pumping,
unloading more and more cum inside me.

My insides were suddenly flooded with cum, wet and dripping with
squirming hot cream.

He was pulling back his cock, drawing out till only his cock-tip
remained inside me. But then he lunged back in deep, and another
monstrous bolt of cum spat free. The steamy hot liquid clogged my
nineteen year old cunny, filling it to overflowing. I felt as though
a hose had been shoved up my cunt and turned on. “Feel it? Feel the
hot cum shooting up your young cunt?” He hissed. As he spoke another
jet of jism fired off up my cunt. Silver jizz was pouring out from my
pussy and dribbling down into the crack of my ass. His thick prick
was greased and dripping with cum.

He continued to fuck in and out of me, spurting one, two, three more
times up my already clogged pussy. My crotch felt slimy with his
creamy goo. It was drained down as far as my asshole. Even my thighs
felt wet and sticky.

I’ll get pregnant! ” last two days he explored inside me several

“I dumped a real load up there,” He said, a smile on his face as he
looked into my eyes. ” He withdrew his cock from my torn and bleeding
pussy. It was over… My pussy lips were raw and swollen, my body
bruised and battered, and his seed had filled my womb.

As a result I really became pregnant. His semen had taken shape in my
womb and Partha born. Now Partha is 3 years old and I am now
interested to take second baby. In our four years of marriage my
husband fucked all my holes ( I will describe that in my next story),
at the same time he screwed me regularly, at least once in a day,
except those days when I went to hospital for my first labor. We are
really happy in our married life as well as our sex life. When I used
to go out with my son & husband for attending party or in any
occasion none can suspect anything, because of my fully developed
body. I looked aged compare to my original age. Now I have many
girlfriends ( they are my husband’s colleague or their wives) in
Mumbai. They knows the age difference between us is only 9-10 years.
Still I remembered that great night. Then I was 3 months pregnant. I
was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner. Over the running water
and clanking dishes. At that time my husband (some days before I used
to call him father) turning pages in the book he was reading. It had
been a nice night and then made a wonderful dinner. I began to tune
out the music and replay the night’s mellow conversations in my head.
We had discussed the house we were looking at buying, the garden I
wanted to plant when we moved, a trip to visit countryside that we
had been meaning to plan for ages, etc.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the feel of his arms going around
my waist. He kissed the back of my neck and said, “I can do the rest
of these in the morning. I would much rather have your company in the
living room.”

How could I refuse? I shut off the water and let him lead me into the
other room. “So, do you have any plans on how we should spend the
rest of the evening?” I asked, jokingly as I took in the scene.

“Shhhhh” He said, and began to kiss and nibble on the back of my
neck. “I’m all yours now” I whispered gently to him as he caught my
lips and kissed them gently. His hands molded my face as the kiss got
deeper and more intense. I could feel his hard body pressed tight
against mine and my legs were already starting to get weak from the
kiss. His hands started to go around my body and he gently pulled on
the Shari of my body. In a second, he got me out of the dress and
there I stood in my lacy bra and panties longing for his touch all
over me.

He continued to kiss me with a tremendous urgency. The vanilla tones
in my perfume invaded his head and my kisses became vanilla flavored.
Our tongues swirled in an intricate dance between each other’s
mouths. He broke the kiss slightly only to have my tongue snake from
between my lips to flick at his lips. I had wrapped my fingers into
his hair and was slowly drawing his hair between my fingers. His
hands were busy exploring my body. He leaned back into the bed and I
was lying across him. He had full access to my breasts over my
sharee. I was breathing rapid as his hands enclosed the softness of
my breasts. I looked at him and gently kissed him on the lips while
he slowly squeezed the fullness.

I went to him, turned around and held up my hair so he could undo it.
With as much grace as I could muster, I slid it off over my head,
carefully folded it and placed it on the chair with his coat. When I
turned around I could see that he hadn’t moved at all. His eyes had
grown larger and so had the lump in his trousers. He just stood there
as I busied myself undoing his tie. I put my arms around his neck and
kissed him with an open mouth that invited his tongue. He began to
help by unbuttoning his shirt. When I finished with his trousers
rope, with a quick motion, I pulled down his trousers and his shorts.

I was on my knees, facing the biggest cock. It became as big around
as my wrist. It was so big that even fully erect it couldn’t support
itself and was hanging at a 45 degree angle. I was completely
overwhelmed by its presence. I cupped it in my hands and gave it a
kiss on the helmet. I tried to put it in my mouth but the best I
could do was to get the head and just a little of the shaft.

Although he was basically nude, putting his hands on my shoulders, he
raised me to a standing position, turned me around and began to
remove my bra. I removed my panties.

He lay on the bed and asked me to sit on his face, looking towards
the head of the bed, away from his cock. He had a magic tongue and he
used it like a magician, swirling, probing, licking and plunging.
With one hand he was massaging my breasts and tweaking my nipples.
Although I couldn’t see it, I knew that the other hand was doing the
same to his cock.

Reluctantly, I slid off his face and backwards down his chest until I
encountered the object of my concern.

I was held his massive cock in my hand . I kissed it, licking its
large red head gently and then put his huge cock between my breasts
(usual size 34D but now it became almost 36 due to pregnancy) . He
pushed his dick up to my face. Stroking my face with his penis, he
demanded my tongue at his dick head. I also felt happy to oblige and
opened my mouth widely while he shoved his huge cock near to my
mouth. He began to slowly pump his prick into my breasts, fucking it
gently like it is a pussy. I lightly slid my tongue across his
pulsating cock head.

Thick pre cum ooze was leaking out the dick. I quickly caught it with
my tongue.

With a loud groan he pumped his prick into my breasts at a faster
rate. I startled by the force of the first shot of cum that hit my
face…then he flood my face with spurt after spurt of hot cum. He
must have had a month’s worth of passion pent up in him waiting to be
released. I felt your cum dripping from my chin and getting on my

He was hot once again. I could feel this as his fingers working in
and out in my vagina and asshole. Suddenly he left my cunt and
asshole and try something else. He got up and started sucking and
kissing my body. This time he started it from my toes. I loved it all
and I started rubbing my fingers on my cunt. After sucking my toes
and cleaning them he went upward and started licking my legs. Oh god
it was great. His lips were meeting my exquisite legs as he was
sucking them. His tongue was sliding on my legs as if they were made
of marble. I tried not to look, but my eyes caught a glimpse of his
large semi erect cock. Cock was pulsating wildly as my finger-fucked
my pregnant pussy. “OOOOHHHHHHH, yes!!!” I grunted. I began to jerk
his large cock with both of my hands, as he fingered me. He watched
as my pregnant belly jiggled as I thrust against his hand. He began
kissing below my large breasts, and I felt his tongue as it slowly
licked across my swollen belly. “Oh, God” I moaned. He licked my
pregnant belly softly kissing every inch as he worked his way between
my spread legs.

With his left hand still on my breast he reached down in front of me
with his right hand and found my moist cunt. He placed his finger in
and went up on my clit and began to rub it gently. Up and down,
around, and from side to side, ever so lightly. He found that special
place again in deeper and rubbed me. In the meantime he began to
slide his cock up and down between my ass checks. I asked. “Where are
you planning to place that thing? In my ass?”

Oh my god! I thought, he had to be insane! There was no way that
monster cock would go up my ass. He would split me wide apart.

“You can’t do this!” I screamed, “You’ll kill me!”

He grabbed me, pushing me to my knees on the bed and holding me
tight, he got behind me. By this time he became mad.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” I cried and shook in terror, realizing
the nightmare wasn’t over and it was about to get worse.

He held my buttocks apart, separating them until they were squashed
out like two balloons. He guided his prick at my opening until the
thick, purple head of his monstrous pulsing cock was pushing against
the small hole. His hands gripped my thighs and waist and pulled me
back onto him, tearing at my tight, tender flesh as he jammed his
staff into me until it stuck.

“Aaaaaaaauuuuuugh!” he screamed, feeling my skin give way to
accommodate his giant organ. I felt like I would faint from the pain
and I buried my face in my arms and closed my eyes!

He snickered and jammed his cock into my asshole, slowly forcing my
wrinkled anal opening to part, forcing it to take his thick, knobby
cock head.

The pain was excruciating as my little hole was forced wider and
wider as his plum sized head spread it apart as it sank into me. I
felt like my butt was being split apart and still the head spread her
farther apart.

“Oh god! oh god! No! NOOooooo!”

My mind was overwhelmed with horror as I felt his organ forcing it’s
way into my rectum. One more fear started building in my mind that is
now I am carrying our baby ( 3 months pregnant). Today’s play may
forced miscarriage. His massive tool was forced deeper and deeper
into my anus.

Tears were streaming down my face and I could hardly catch my breath
because of the agonizing pain. He pulled at my buttocks again,
shoving further and further into my constricting channel. my tight
wall of flesh gave way and he could feel it’s tightness clamp around
his throbbing prick. He stopped, so that he could adjust to the
pressure, then jabbed into me again. He could see his erect shaft
disappear between my firm, buttock cheeks.

My stomach ached and churned as he pulled his huge rod out almost to
the end, then tore at my skin once more, as he rammed his hot, thick
cock back into my tiny virgin anus. His testicles bounced against the
back of my thighs, as he buried his manhood to the very hilt, so that
my buttocks were flat against his hips.

I felt his hips against my skin and his round, hairy balls against
the underside of my buttocks, his long cock was way up inside my
asshole. The ideal sickened and horrified me that is about
miscarriage . I could feel the hard nose of it pressing against my
very stomach! It ached, cramps rippled through my guts as he twisted
and jerked it around inside me.

I could feel the big male organ’s movements inside me, could feel it
sliding back and forth, up and down, in and out, spearing my bowels,
pulverizing my guts around it.

His cock pumped harder and faster, and the pain mounted.

I knelt on the floor while a big male organ pumped inside my bowels,
getting ready to spew out it’s sperm, to fill my guts with it’s
sticky whiteness. My asshole felt ripped and torn, and I could feel
the wetness of my own blood as it welled up around his rampaging
member. He pushed his hands under my chest and squeezed my tiny,
bruised boobs, his fingers digging into the abused nubbins.