Lund Ki Diwani ko Mili Lulli part 4

Lund Ki Diwani ko Mili Lulli part 4

Sixty year old, Vaidyaraaj Harkishan Lal was well known in the
adjoining towns also. His jari-booty (Herbal) medicines were
miraculous. Many a family was thankful to him for treating the
childless women. Not that he did not treat other cases; but the
largest number of women was brought to him for treating their
sterility. He himself was very fecund. His first wife had died two
years after the marriage. He had one son, Kunal Lal, from her. He had
gone to a University in another state after completing his studies at
Fatehabad. He did not have any other children, blessings his herbs.

He had a special `treatment room’ that was furnished and fitted for
the needs of his practice. The room was carpeted, had different types
of cushioned and folding chairs, beds, and everything else that
experience has taught him to procure.

His biggest catch had been the daughter-in-law of the local Zamindaar.
After she was blessed with a child, his clientele had shot up. There
was one more point in his favour for which he was considered to be a
modern doctor. He always made it clear that blessing a woman with a
male child was gender bias. Male or female should not matter.

The Zamindaar, Thakur Daman Singh, had only one son, Kharag Singh. He
was childless, even after three years of his marriage. Roopa, Kharag’s
wife was the daughter of another Zamindaar. Eighteen-year-old Roopa
was married at the young age of fifteen. Kharag was at that time
twenty-six. Roopa had a faint idea about the `suhaag raat’. Her mother
had told her that `Pati’ (Husband) is like `Parmeshwar’ (God) and
husband’s wish is a command for the wife. Her friends had told her
that the husband would disrobe her and love her body. “Love” meant
that he would play with her body. He will kiss those parts of the body
that she had always hidden from everyone. He will even take liberties
with the most private areas of the body and that those parts now were
his property. Some things she had understood, others she was looking
forward to learn. She was a bit apprehensive, but was excited also.

When the big night came, it turned out to be a big disappointment for

Kharag Singh did maul her body. He even left his teeth marks on her
breasts, thighs, and other parts. He even showed his body to her and
made her do the same things to his body. But after that he got tired
and went to sleep.

Roopa could not go to sleep. She was feeling a bit strange. She saw
that she was wet between her legs, her breathing had become irregular,
and she was expecting something more. What that `more’ was she could
not make out. This scene was repeated every night. She went back home
and talked to her married friends. They, now, explained to her the
next part of the bed rituals that she had never experienced. She
figured out that there was something wrong with the organ of her
husband. Everyone had described in great details the glory of the
husband’s prick. Her husband’s was far from glorious. It was supposed
to be “hard”, “throbbing”, “burning’. It was supposed to penetrate the
`choot’ and made that `throb’ and `water’ too. She did not talk about
it to anyone.

As is the usual practice, everyone started talking. It became known
that she was `baanjh’ (sterile). Somebody suggested to Thakur Daman
Singh that may be Vaidyaraaj Harkishan Lal could do something to cure
her. Daman told his son to take his wife to the Vaidyaraaj. The next
day Kharag visited Harkishan Lal. Harkishan Lal told him that he would
have to `see’ his wife. Harkishan Lal was made to promise that it
would be kept secret. He suggested that Roopa be brought to his place
at night. He also told that the first visit would be short, but after
that longer stay might be necessary.

When Roopa came, he took her to the examining room. Made her sit on an
`Aasan’ (pillow made of straw). He himself sat on a low sofa. He asked
her whether she was aware why she was sent here. She told him that she
had not been able to conceive. He asked her some questions about her
sexual hygiene, which she answered, blushing heavily. He questioned
her about her husband’s sex practices. She kept quiet.

Next he performed some sort of ritual. He lit the `Agni Kund’ (Fire
Pot), put some `Havan Saamigree’ (Fire materials), and recited some
`mantras’. He picked up some `bhabhoot’ (ash of dry, burnt cow-dung)
and applied it to her `maang’ (Parting line of hair). He applied some
ash from the Agni-Kund to her forehead. Before she parted he gave some
Bhabhoot to her and instructed her to put it on her husband’s organ
secretly (He wanted to ensure that everything is not to be told to her
husband). She was to come after two days, never during the days of the
monthly flow. She was instructed to come next time in single garment.
The whole treatment might continue till she conceived. She was
instructed that she has to be very honest and particular in her
answers and has to perform all the rituals prescribed for home also.

When Roopa came after two days the Vaidyaraaj asked her to take a bath
in the adjoining room. Water smelling of roses was already there. She
was not to use soap. Sandal paste was to be applied to her forehead
and feet. Roopa followed all the instructions faithfully, little
knowing that some of them were fake and others were a preparation for
further designs of Harkishan Lal.

When she came out Harkishan Lal was sitting in lotus posture
(Padmaasana). He opened his eyes and looked at her, as if in a trance.
He gestured her to take her seat. Slowly he relaxed and asked her if
she had put the bhabhoot on her husband’s lund. She was taken aback at
the word. He noticed it with a satisfying grin.

“Roopa, ab tumhein dhire, dhire nange shabdon kaa prayog karnaa hai.
Mun se yeh khayaal nikaal denaa hai ki jis baat kaa ilaaj karwaane tum
aayee ho woh koi kharaab baat hai. Nahin to Thakur saahab tumhein
gande kaam ke liye yahaan kyon bhejte (Roopa, now slowly you have to
use such naked language. You have to get rid of the idea that the
problem which you want to be treated is something dirty. Otherwise,
why would Thakur saahab send you here for some dirty purpose)”

Roopa nodded in agreement. Harkishan Lal asked her:

“Tumnen pairon par bhi chandan lagaayaa hai (Have you applied sandal
paste on your feet also)?”

She nodded: Yes.

“Achchhaa, ab apnaa vastra apne ghutnon tak uthaao aur ghutnon par bhi
chandan lagaao (OK, now pull up your dress up to your knees and apply
sandal past to the knees also)”

As Roopa pulled her white saaree up he had the first glimpse of her
well shaped leg. Her dainty feet had a prominent bridge. The heel was
smooth and ball-like. It invited a kiss and a rub of the tongue. The
ankle slowly developed into a strong calf. On the outside the knee was
slightly dimpled. After she applied the paste he told her not to pull
down the saaree. Now he asked her:

“Roopa, jab tumnein Kharag ke lund par Bhabhoot lagaayee to kyaa usko
pataa chalaa (When you applied the ashes to Kharag’s prick, did he
feel it)?”

“Nahin (No)”

“Tumnein uskaa lund dhyaan se dekhaa? Kaisaa thaa (Did you observe his
prick properly? How was it?)”

“Unkaa … (His . . . )

“Haan bolo, saaf, saaf bolo (Yes, speak openly)”

“Unkaa lund dheele kele ki tarah thaa, uske aage tak khaal dhaki thee.
Uske saath do guthaliyaan si thaili mein theen. Meraa bahot mun thaa
use chhoone kaa (His prick was like a soggy banana. Alongside there
were two stones in a sack. I wanted to touch it)”

Harkishan Lal was satisfied that Roopa was slowly shedding her
shyness. The thought of making her excited excited him. He felt his
own organ swelling. But he did not want to hurry things. He closed his
eyes for a few moments and then looking straight into her eyes, he said:

“Roopa, apnaa saaree kaa pallaa saamne se hataa kar apni choochiyon
par chandan lagaao aur dhire, dhire unke unpar ragro (Roopa remove the
loose end of your saaree from the front and apply the sandal paste on
them, massage them with the paste)”

All the time he was gazing into her eyes, without blinking even once.

As if in a trance, Roopa did what he had asked. Within a few moments
Roopa felt aroused, just like she had felt when during the first few
days of her marriage Kharag had mauled her body. Her hands were moving
with tenderness, then she started doing it with some pressure. Her
breathing became deep; her nipples responded marvelously. Harkishan
Lal was feasting his eyes on what would be in his hands soon. Roopa’s
eyes were closed. Slowly her legs started squirming, unknown to her,
the saaree slipped upwards and Harkishan Lal could almost see her
black thatch. But today he did not want to precipitate the matters. He
broke her trance:

“Bas Roopa. Mujhe lagtaa hai tumhaaraa ilaaj ho jaayegaa. Tum poorna
trupti paaogi. Chaahogi to in sundar choochiyon se doodh peene waale
bachche bhi paidaa karogi (OK, Roopa, I have a feeling you would be
cured. You will achieve full satisfaction. If you would desire, you
would also produce children to suckle on these beautiful boobs)”

Then he told her to take a bath again. He did not want anyone at home
to notice any tell tale signs. When she came out he was standing. He
went near her and put both his hands on her boobs, slightly touching

“Kal phir aanaa. Apne shareer ke saare angon ke naam practice karti
rahnaa (Come tomorrow. Practice the terms for the various parts of
your body)”

Next day he noticed that Roopa was very free and relaxed. As soon as
he sat on his aasana and Roopa took her seat, he addressed her:

“Roopa, ab aaj nangi ho kar baitho aur bataao kal ghar jaa kar raat ko
kyaa huaa (Roopa, now today you sit naked and tell me what happened
yesterday night)”

“Vaidya ji raat tabiyat bechain hui. Pahle to neend nahin aayee.
Karwatein badalti rahi. Phir mainen chandan kaa kuchh leip banaayaa
aur apni choochiyon par malaa jaise aapne yahaan karwaayaa thaa. Meri
donon choochiyaan bilkul tun gayeen. Choot bhi gilee ho gayee thee aur
ji chaahataa thaa usko kuchh karoon. Mainen thoraa saa chandan choot
par malaa. Achaanak malte, malte meri unglee choot ke andar phisal
gayee. Jab main use baahar nikaalne lagi to uskaa sparsh achchhaa
lagaa. Main unglee ko andar baahar karne lagi. Doosraa haath bhi wahin
pahunch gayaa; us se mainein choot ko kholnaa chaahaa to wo oopar
dodey par lagaa, phir to bijlee si chali aur meraa paani chhoot gayaa
(Vaidya ji yesterday night I was restless, Then I prepared sandal
paste and applied to my nipples as you asked me here yesterday. Both
my nipples were erect. My cunt also became wet. I felt like doing
something to it. I applied some paste to the cunt also. By chance my
finger slipped in. When I was withdrawing it, the sensation felt good.
I started moving the finger in and out. The hand also reached there. I
tried to open the cunt. It touched the clit on top, I felt a current
and I discharged)”

“Roopa, yahaan aao. Mere saamne baith jaao. Ab meri dhoti saamne se
hataao (Roopa, come here. Sit in front of me. Now uncover my front)”

Roopa got up. She was naked. He was seeing her naked for the first
time. Her boobs were full and were slightly drooping. The nipples were
long, growing from a large circle of black, very black base. Embedded
on a fair ball they looked smashing. His loins were afire. When she
walked towards him he saw that her body weight shifted form one leg to
the other in a unique undulating manner. He wanted to see herb behind.
He told her to stop and go to the chair to pick up a piece of cloth.
She turned back, went to the char, bent to pick up the piece, turned
back and walked up to him. She was also feeling that his body language
is having some effect on him. She said:

“Vaidya ji aaj mujhe apnaa kharaa huaa lauraa dikhaaeeye (Vaidya ji
today you show me your erect prick)”.

He did not want her to drop all pretense of treatment yet. So he told
her that it was a part of the treatment and she should leave it to
him. She came and sat on the carpet in front of him. Hesitatingly she
removed his dhoti from in front. It was not tied in any way and came
off easily.

She was stunned. Her first erect cock! It must have been no less then
six inches or more. It was as thick as the roller in her kitchen. It
was slightly thicker at the base where it seemed to be growing out of
a black thicket. The top seemed to be slightly different from the rest
of its body. It was topped by a bulbous skin, raw looking skin. There
was a slight slit on top. The bulb gracefully sloped down, about an
inch and a half, curving upwards at the outer rim. For about two
inches downwards the raw skin slowly changed into loose skin. She had
never seen such a thing in her life. She was mesmerised. The prick
appeared to be throbbing, side-to-side. One pearly drop was forming at
the slit. He broke her trance:

“Roopa, yeh lund choot mein jaa kar beej bhi daaltaa hai aur choot ke
saath milkar nar aur maadaa donon ko mast kartaa hai, swaargik aanand
detaa hai. Jitnaa khul kar choot aur lund kheleinge utnaa he mazaa
donon, aadmi aur aurat, ko aayeegaa. Isi se bachchaa bhi bantaa hai.
Chaaho to bachchaa bhi banaao, mazaa bhi looto; chaaho to mazaa hi
looto, bachchaa mat banaao (Roopa. This prick implants the seed as
well as, in conjunction with the cunt, makes the male and female both
go mad with pleasure, it gives heavenly pleasure. More freely the cunt
and the prick play, more pleasure both the male and the female
achieve. If you like you can conceive a child as well as enjoy; or,
you may enjoy only and not conceive)”

Now he asked her to apply some sandal paste to the head of the prick.
Then he asked her to put her finger inside, deep inside her cunt and
apply her wetness to the prick so that the paste flows away. It was
her first feel of a throbbing cock. She could not resist her from
putting her palm around the pole. The head of the pole protruded out
of her fist. Mesmerised, she bent and kissed the head. The kiss did
not break; she took the head in her mouth. Harkishan Lal was
exercising tremendous control over himself. He let her open up. More
free she became in her behaviour, more pleasure she would give him.

“Vaidya ji, aap meraa ilaaj bhi karein aur mujhe woh mazaa lenaa bhi
sikhaayein jo shaadi ke baad aaj tak mujhe nahin milaa. Par Vaidya ji
yeh baat kisi ko pataa naa chale nahin to sasur ji jaan le leinge
(Vaidya ji, you treat me as well as teach me to have that pleasure of
which I have remained deprived even after marriage. But, Vaidya ji no
one should come to know of these things, otherwise my father-in-law
will kill us)”

Now, Harkishan Lal could not have wanted anything more.

“Achchhaa Roopa, donon taange Chauri kar ke, meraa sahaaraa lekar
dhire, dhire apni choot mere lund par baithaao. Tum choot mein unglee
to daal hi chuki ho, iss liye jab lund andar jaayegaa to ziyaadaa dard
nahin hogaa. Phir apni marzi ke mutaabik mere lund par, mere galey
main apni baahein daal kar, utthak baithak karo. Tumhein khud hi pataa
chal jaayegaa kaise, kaise mazaa miltaa hai (Alright Roopa, you spread
your legs, put your hands on my head, slowly fit your pussy on my
cock. Since you have already inserted the finger in your cunt, you
won’t feel much pain. Then according to your pleasure do sit-ups on my
prick. You would yourself discover the ways to get pleasure)”

Roopa did as she was told. She was very much excited. Today she was
going to feed her cunt with a throbbing lund for the first time.
Vaidya ji had his eyes fixed on the splayed legs in front of his eyes.
These legs were strong, well muscled, rippling muscles. The junction
was covered with a black bush, but two open lips, well watered lips,
half opened were beckoning him. He could not restrain himself, pushing
his neck forward, he put his lips on them. He inhaled the aroma,
pushed the tip of his tongue in. Roopa shivered and stopped.

“Vaidya ji, yeh kyaa kar rahe ho (What are you doing)? Par achchhaa
lagaa (But I liked it).

And she pushed her pelvis onto his mouth. He put his hands on her
buttocks and dug his fingers into her ample flesh. This was a whole
new sensation to her. She threw all formalities to the winds.

“H . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . n, lo, ye . . . h . . . h lo, yeh lo,
cho . . . o . . .o . . .o . . .s lo (Yes, take it, suck it)”

Suddenly Harkishan Lal felt a strong but small stream hit the back of
his throat. What? Had she orgasmed? No, she was not slackening at all.
He concluded that she was a gusher, a woman that discharges like a man
when in heat, but it is not orgasm. It just the signal that she is at
the height of pleasure.

He looked up. It was a sight from Kalidas’s Meghdoot. Roopa’s head was
thrown back. Her eyes were shut tight. Her face was contorted with
pleasure. Her hair was hanging like an open fan, swinging around her
tense buttocks.

Harkishan Lal did not want to bring the matters to a climax right now.
He applied a slight pressure on her behind and pressed her body downwards.

“Arre, kyaa kar rahaa hai? Mazaa mat bigaar (Oh, what are you doing?
Don’t spoil the fun)”

“Meri jaan abhi to shuruaat hai. Apni choot mein meraa moosalaa to
garhne de, phir dekhnaa (My dear, this is just the beginning; let my
club penetrate your pussy, then you will see)”

Roopa took the hint. She started lowering her body slowly. She glanced
downwards and estimated the direction of the rod waiting for the
envelope of flesh descending towards it. The open lips touched the
fleshy bulb. She stopped. Gave a hint of a rotation to her pussy on
the bulb, as if estimating the area. Then she applied a resolute
pressure and before Harkishan Lal could know what hit him, Roopa was
sitting on his thighs, the whole of his massive prick enclosed in the
erotic tunnel.

“Oh . . .h . . h . . . h, g . . .a . . .y . . .y . . .y . . y . . .a
.. .a . . .a . . .a. ter . . .r . . .r . . a . . .a . . .a . . .a . .
laur . . .a. . . a . . .a . . . a meri cho . . .o . . . o . . .o . . o
. . o . . o . . .o . . o . . t . . . mein gayaa (Oh, it is in, your
prick is in my pussy)”

“Ab tu chod mujhe, Roopa jaan, utthak –baithak kar. Khoob maze se chod
mujhe I(Now, you fuck me, Roopa darling. Do sit-ups. Fuck me with
full pleasure)”

“Haa . . . a . . . a . .a . . .a, lund aa . . . s . . s . . .s . .
.s . . .s . . .a . . a . . .a . . .a . . .a n . .i se thore hi chhor
doongi (Yes, my prick, I will not let you off easily). Chal ab main
neeche letoongi aur tu mere oopar charh (Come, now I will lie down and
you climb over me)”.

She got up. Her cunt again gushed while she was getting up. Her face
was flushed and she was in a sort of trance. She lay down on the
carpet. She opened her thighs, bent them at the knees and looked
towards him.

“Chal chodu, ghuser de abki oopar se. Andar tak chalaa jaa. Meri
bachchedaani mein ghus jaa. Par abhi apni maani mat chhornaa, pahle
din use main munh mein loongi, choot mein nahin (Come, fucker,
penetrate me from above. Go right in. Go right into my cervix. But
don’t yet come. First day I want to take it in the mouth, not in the

He was so over powered by her lust that he was obeying her
instructions like pupil. He was not yet settled on the target that she
gave a powerful push to his buttocks from behind and drove him into
her. She placed her heels on his back, pressed him with her hands. He
was amazes at her strength. It was her physical power al her lust was
turned into physical force? How does it matter, he thought. He had
never seen such whole hearted fuck.

“Meri jaan, meri choot, meri billo, aaj to jee bhar ke chud le . . .
(Darling, cunt, baby, get fucked to your heart’s contentment today . .
. )”

“Lunddo, chudoongi nahin, Chodoongi, tu thaknaa mat, peechhe mat
hatnaa. H . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . n, H . . . a . . . a . . . a .
. . n . . . H . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . n, (Prick, I will not get
fucked, I will fuck, don’t you back-out, Yes, yes)”

Harkishan Lal was having the fuck of his life. She was correct. It was
she who was fucking him. Her cunt was milking his prick, massaging his
prick. She seemed to know how to excite him, how to tease his cock to
the brink and then take him away from there. Their bout went on for a
long time. She seemed to have lost all sense of time.

Suddenly she pushed him off, got up and took his organ in her mouth

“Hunh, H . . . u . . . n . . . n . . . . n . . . . h”

She played on, with, his prick for some time. Then she placed her
fingers at the base of the prick and incited the tumescent instrument
in such a way that he could not control his discharge any more.

“Uff, uff, le, le, jaan, saaraa ras le, le. Tere hi liye tayyaar ho
rahaa thaa itni der se, Le andar tak tar ho jaa . . .a . . a . . . a
. . . a (Oh, take darling, take the whole of the juice. It was
generating for such a long time for you and you only. Get washed in it
to the hilt)”

And he came! No, this word does not describe his condition correctly.
He experienced as if there was a cum-burst like a cloud burst during
the monsoon. And then he fell back, lifeless.

It was Roopa that spoke first. She was satisfied and wanted to know if
she was able to satisfy him.

“Ab kyaa main Kharag kaa lund kharaa kar sakoongi, jhaar sakoongi
(Will I be able to give Kharag’s prick an erection, make him come?)”

“Kyon jaani kyaa ek hi baar mein mere se ji bhar gayaa (Why, Darling.
Have you got fed up with me in one time only?)”

“Abe, Vaidyaraaj kahlaataa hai, par sochtaa shaayad lund se hai,
dimaagh se nahin? Agar main Kharag kaa lund kharaa kar sakoongi tabhi
to usko vishwaas hogaa ki ilaaj kaa faayedaa ho rahaa hai, tabhi to
meraa yahaan aanaa jari rahegaa. . .” and she gave a cunning smile and
continued, “. . . . Aur main gaaon ki doosri bujhe lunddon ki biwiyon
ko yahaan laa sakoongi (Fool, you call yourself Vaidyaraaj, but
probably you think with your prick, not your brain? It is only if I
can get Kharag’s prick to get an erection that I will be able to show
that the treatment is useful, I will be able to continue to come here
. . . ” and she gave a cunning smile and continued, “. . . And I will
be able to bring the other wives of spent pricks of the village)”

Harkishan Lal had never dreamt that this chit of a girl who had never
experienced a prick before would become two steps ahead of him in
sexual scheming. She was not only promising that she will continue her
`treatment’ but was also assuring him that she would be bringing other
hungry cunts also. `Fan, bloody, tastic’, he thought to himself.

Then they retired top the drawing room, Roopa brought some snacks and
he sat thinking. Then he made up an elaborate ritual. He took Roopa
into confidence. Gave her some paste and told her to apply it on the
prick of Kharag. He told her that she should make sure that he is
awake and is not tired. He told her that he was confident that she
should be able to create an interest in him about her body. She should
somehow get him to fuck. Either he himself should insert his prick in
her cunt, or she should get a hold of it and stuff it into the cunt
and then make him cum. Once he comes in her cunt, it would be safer
for her convince him and her father-in-law that the pregnancy was his.
Then it would be safe for him to come into her cunt.

Roopa had no problem in carrying out the plan. Once she started her
ministrations on his organ, he could not resist the temptation of her
body. Right after the marriage, she was an inexperienced girl. Now she
was a hungry lioness. She applied the paste (which was ordinary sandal
paste) Climbed on him, inserted his prick into her cunt, all the time
taking the names of her friends and describing how their husbands
fucked them, how they bit their breasts, mauled their buttocks, etc.
This was sufficient to excite him. He had no staying power worth the
name, but certainly his testicles did have the reservoir. So, he came
in her cunt.
He never realised that this act of his induced cum had opened the
floodgate of Harkishan Lal’s cum into her cunt for a long time to come.

Roopa got her daily dose. She became pregnant. Harkishan Lal `treated’
other such cunts and also trained other cunts that were not yet
married but were `treated’ for this problem or that.

This was all about five six years ago.