Lund Ki Diwani ko Mili Lulli part 6

Lund Ki Diwani ko Mili Lulli part 6

And he took the whole of her cunt in his mouth. His attention was divided between
her pussy and mouth. Her lips were massaging his prick, the tip of her
tongue was teasing the slit in the centre of his bulb. Now her lips
were touching the base of the prick, and now they were at the top.
When her lips traveled the length from bottom to top and back from top
to bottom, he shivered in erotic delight. She put her hands under his
buttocks and lifted him up into his mouth.
Kunal was torn between the two centres of pleasure.
When she pressed her cunt down, its lips splayed open and took his
mouth into them. In fact these were two mouths, fitted at right
angles. He matched her movements. Now, both the mouths were taking
each other by turn.

“Pahlee jharan donon aise lete hain (Let us have the first orgasm like

And she pressed down on his mouth. He felt her cunt opening and
closing, discharging a thick glob into his lips, closing and now
shooting a stream of liquid. No, it was not piss, he realised. It
stopped and she again shot a glob, thicker then before. It went on for
something like a minute. Simultaneously, she almost squeezed out his
cum. And he also shot it as many times as she squeezed it.

“Bun gayaa mathar chod aaj tu (You have become a mother fucker today)”

“Tu bun gayee Fatehabad ki betaa chod aaj (You have become a son
fucker of Fatehabad today)”

Without loosing the momentum Kunal took hold of her ample buttocks and
changed sides.

“Ab mujhe chodne de maan. Aaj meraa lund teri choot se syrup
nikaalegaa. Dekhtaa hun kitnaa dum hai teri phuddi mein (Now let me
fuck you, mother. Let us see the stamina of your pussy)”

He spread her thighs. Took her leg in his hands and started licking
her toes. He put his tongue between the toe and the first finger.

Ah, . . . h . . . h . . . h, chod, meri pair ki u . . . n . . . g . .
. lee chod. Ah . . . ab aglee unglee chod. H . . . a . . . a . . . a .
. . .n. Ab oopar, h . . . a . . . a . . . n. Uf . . . f . . . .f . ..
f (Yes, fuck my foot, my finger. Now move up. Uf)”

Kunal took the other foot. Then he moved upwards. He treated both the
legs up to the knee. Then he paid special attention to the underside
of the knee. This sent Shobha into splits

“Oh . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h .
. . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h . . . h
. . . h . . . h . . . h, m . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . a . .. a . .
. a . . . a . . . a . . . a . .. a . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . a .
.. a t . . . h . . . a . . . r chod,
teri asli maan ki choot choosoon, sab ke saamne tere se chuwaaoon.
Baap ke laure, tune to aaj nayaa mazaa diyaa (Oh, fuck, Iwant to get
your real mother fucked, licked in front of everyone)”

Her erotic language was exciting Kunal. It was a new experience for
him. Never before had he heard women talking like this. He licked both
her thighs now. Before he could finish, she used her thighs to pull
his mouth onto her pussy:

“Chal ek baar saaraa ras chaat le aur phir ghuser de apnaa moosal uski
maan mein (Come, slurp all the syrup once and then ram the club into
his mother)”

Kunal came over her finally. He aimed the gun at the target. She
pushed him by his buttocks. He was in up to the hilt. He felt as if he
had entered the cervix.

“Teri bachche daani mein ab meray laure kaa supaaraa rahegaa. Le . .
. le . . . . . . le . . . . . . le . . . . . . le . . . le . . . . . .
le . . . . . . le . . . . . . le . . . le . . . . . . le . . . . . .
le . . . . . . le . . . le . . . . . . le . . . . . . le . . . . . .
le . . . Ammaan . . . . ammaan . . . . ammaan . . . . ammaan . . . .

“De . . . de . . . de . . . de (Give) de . . . de . . . de . . .de . .
.de . . . de . . . de . . . de . . .de . . .de . . . de . . . de . . .
de . . .de . . .de . . . de . . . de . . . de . . .de . . .de . . .)”

Both were shouting without listening to the other. They were now
nearing the climax.

“Aaa . . .i . .. i . . . i . . .h . ..o . . . o . ..o . . . o . . . . . .
.h . .. o . . . o . .. o . . .o . . o . . . o. . . .n . . . . ; . . .
.h . .. a . . .a . .. a . . . a . . . a. . . .n . . . h . . . a. . .
a . . .n (I am cumming, cumming . . . cumming,.)!”

Shobha pushed him up so vigorously that had it been some green boy, he
would have been dislodged. But Kunal charged into her equally
vigorously at the exact moment. Both collided like mad into each
other. The explosion was not less then the Hiroshima bomb.

When they heard the milk vendor knocking on the door, they realised it
was evening.

Harkishan Lal returned to find them waiting for the dinner. After
dinner Kunal told him that he would be leaving the next day. Shobha
and her stepson had taken a cool decision that the best course was to
keep the whole thing under wraps. Kunal took one promise, though, from
his stepmother. They would keep in touch and that she would send him
detailed descriptions of her fucks in his absence.

Shobha decided to be true to Harkishan Lal. When night fell she talked
to him calmly and plainly.

“Mainein aapke saath abhi tak eemaandaari se nibhaayaa thaa. Par aap
bhi jaante hain aur main bhi ki ab aap ki umar aap par haawi ho gayee
hai. Doosri taraf aapne meri choot ki pyaas to bujhaayee hi hai, par
jagaa bhi di hai. Meri abhi umar hai aur pahle se ziyaadaa pyaas bhi
hai, jo aap ab bujhaa nanhin sakte. Ab main doosari pyaasi auraton ke
saath mil kar kuchh intezaam karoongi. Main jaanti hoon pyaas abhi bhi
aapko bhi hai, par ab lund saath nahin detaa. Main dhyaan rakhoongi ki
aapkaa bhi kaam chaltaa rahe. Main izaazat nahin maang rahi hoon, sirf
bataa rahi hoon. Aur haan, Kunal ne meri pyaas ko jee bhar ke pooraa

After this the relationship between Harkishan Lal and Shobha underwent
a sea change. Harkishan Lal was wise enough to accept the reality.
Both of them together made necessary changes in the arrangements of
use of rooms; living quarters for both and meeting and game rooms for
Shobha and her friends. They formed a sort of club and started calling
it `Kshudha Mandan’ (Hunger Removal).

Shobha had received a few days ago two interesting E.mails in response
to some episodes that she had posted on some sites. One was from
Vinay, a Malayaalee that she had since been corresponding with. The
other was from one of her old flames she had met in one of the parties
and who had ditched her for another beauty, Chitra.

She wrote back to both of them. She invited both of them to come and
stay at Kshudha Mandan for a week. The condition was that Girish would
have to stay as the driver of Kshudha Mandan and Vinay as manager.
Vinay’s fad was to be dominated by her, even birched and caned. His
only need was that she has to wear elbow length sleeves.

Both of them agreed.

She told the details to Reena and Mornee.

Girish turned out to be a good driver. The first time he took out
Mornee, she was with Khem. Mornee was from a nearby town and had been
coming to the KM (the short name of the club) ever since she found
that her husband and her father-in-law were buggering each other. As
soon as the car started, Khem pulled Mornee on to his lap. She could
feel his turgid lund on her bum. As he pushed his hands under her
saaree pallu to grab the two orbs she pushed down on his prick and
said let us go out of town. Girish heard her and took the hint. He
turned the car towards the highway and before Khem could take off
Mornee’s saaree completely Girish had stopped the car at the
oft-frequented spot.
It was a clearing in the woods. Surrounded by thick foliage, away from
the road. By the time Mornee and Khem came out, Girish had spread a
thick sheet on the ground.

As soon as Mornee finished disrobing Khem completely, Khem turned her
around. He spread her ass cheeks. His tool was already in good for.
When Mornee felt his cock knocking on the ass hole, she gave a heave
and dislodged Khem.

“Tum mardon ko gaand kaa shauk kyon hotaa hai? Aurat ke paas aate hi
kyon ho? Jaakar apne baap, bete, bhai ki gaand kyon nahin lete (Why
are you men attracted to ass hole? Why do you come to a woman? Why
don’t you go and bugger your father, son, brother)?”

She was really furious. She had come to KM expressly because her
husband was fond of the chhoti line, as she called it.

“Aurat ki taangon ke beech nature ne ek aur chhed banaayaa hai jo
aurat ko bhi mazaa detaa hai (Nature has provided another hole between
the thighs of a woman which gives pleasure to the woman also)”

Without giving Khem any chance to say anything, she addressed Girish:

Girish! Apnaa lund nikaalo aur Khem saahab ki gaand kaa chhed baraa
karo (Girish, take out your prick and widen the hole of Mr. Khem)”

Khem did feel insulted but the last words of Mornee stopped him.

“Mornee, kyaa fark partaa hai ki mainay tumhaari choot mein daalaa yaa
gaand mein (Mornee, how does it matter whether the man fucks you in
the cunt or the arse?)” , “Par theek hai meri jaan, main tumhaari
choot ko jeebh se chodataa hun; par kyaa Girish safe hai? Meraa matlab
. . . (It is alright darling, I will fuck your cunt with my tongue;
but is Girish safe? I mean . . .)”

Before he could finish his sentence, Girish had taken position and as
he exerted pressure, Khem was pushed into the open thighs of Mornee.
Now Girish also had a prick that was no toy. Though he was not
particularly fond of the back door, Chitra and he had indulged in many
game parties where both of them had gone both ways, singly and in
foursomes. Here his aim was to get into Shobha. But he had to wait for
that. Probably the road to Shobha’s cunt was through other cunts, and
now, he thought, ass holes also.

“Khem, tum daro nahin. Girish tumhaari gaand phaaregaa nahin. Jab tak
tum apni jeebh ko meri choot mein laure ki tarah daalte rahogi, Girish
apnaa lund phansaa kar kharaa rahegaa (Don’t be afraid, Khem, Girish
is not going to tear your Ass-hole. As long as your tongue fucks my
cunt like a cock, Girish will simply keep his tool wedged in there)”

“Nahin, Girish ko kaho meri gaand mein andar tak jaaye. Main sach
kahtaa hun, main tumhaari choot ko jeebh se chodataa rahoongaa; Oh
Girish, maaro, zor se maaro (No, tell Girish to measure the depths of
my ass-hole. I promise, I will fuck your cunt with my tongue well)”

He started using his tongue in various ways and in all directions.
Mornee started enjoying. At least Khem can use his tongue in the
correct hole of a woman.

“Haan, baap ke laure, chaat, chaat, jaise teraa baap teri gaand par
jeebh phiraataa hai, waise hi jeebh lagaa, h . . . a . . .a . . . a .
. .a . . . a . . . a . . . n, Giris . . . s . . . s . . . s . . . sh,
g . . . u . . . u . . . u . . . s . . . s . . . s . . . s . . . s . .
. a . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . de . . . a . . . p . . . n . . . a .
. . a . . . a . . . a, shabbaash (Yes, father’s prick, lick, lick
like your father rubs his tongue on your ass-hole, yes, Girish, stuff
yours, good)”

Khem was feeling the bamboo in his behind. He could not divert his
attention from Mornee’s pussy but his inner thoughts were on his
behind. Girish was splitting it and he loved it. Khem suddenly felt
his tool lengthening, expanding. He needed a hand on it.

“Girish, meraa lund haath mein le, usko masal, l . . .e . . . e . . .
e, m . . . a . . . s . . . a . . . a . . . l de, (Girish, take my
prick in your hand, crush it, crush it)”

Girish took the tool to task. He rubbed it, squeezed it, tortured it
and made it spurt.


Back at the club Shobha had another member, Preeti. She was a young
newly married girl from out of station. The same old story:
dysfunctional husband, unable to get it up, eager to establish his
manhood. Preeti had tried to get satisfaction from the younger
brother-in-law. He was too young to know the game, but had an over
sized cock. Preeti taught him what to do with it. But she did not have
the patience to teach him everything. She was in need of variety.

Shobha decided to provide some relief to her old family flame,
Harkishan Lal. She gave necessary instructions to the manager, Vinay.

Harkishan Lal was surprised, elated, and erect when he saw a young,
dusky, saree clad woman in his room with a bottle of whisky, soda, and
two glasses.

“Baabooji, dawaaee kaa time ho gayaa hai (Sir, it is time for the

She advanced towards the table taking care that her young and tight
buttocks undulated perfectly. She had advanced into the room, while he
was left standing at the door that he had opened. She turned round,
taking care this time that her full, boobs are not covered. Her naval
was naked. It was deep. Her stomach was fleshy, just enough. Harkishan
Lal not only closed the door, he bolted it.

“Kyaa karte hain Baabooji, abhi Vinay, manager, aate honge, check
karne ke mainein dawaa de di yaa nahin (What are you doing Sir,
Manager Vinay would be coming just now to check whether I have given
the medicines)”

Preeti showed fear and resentment on her face when she saw the old man
unwrapping his dhoti. But, in her heart she was pleasantly surprised
to see that his tool was no mean commodity. She was enthused to
continue to play her role.

“Dawaa lene ke liye hi to darwaazaa bund kiyaa hai beti. Sab ke saamne
tere se dawaa lekar tujhe sharmindaa thore hi karnaa hai (Baby, I have
closed the door only to take the medicines. I am not going to
embarrass you by taking medicines from you in the presence of others)”

He had come close to Preeti. She had cast her eyes down to show her
shyness, but in reality her eyes were fixed on Harkishan Lal’s tool.
It was a mature tool, though it was not in the glory of youth. Shobha
had started looking elsewhere not because Harkishan Lal had become
incapable; buy because the span of his staying power had reduced. As
long as it lasted, it had performed magnificently.

Preeti was on the look out for something in place of her kid
brother-in-law. So she was in no way going to be disappointed.

“Laa beti. Meree koi beti nahin hui, tujhe hi maan letaa hun. Mujhe
beti-chod banaayegi? Yehi to dawaa hai meri (Come child. I have no
daughter; I will consider you to be one. Will you make me
daughter-fucker? This is my medicine)”

“Achchhaa beti apne doodh khol, phuddi bhi nangi kar. Main apnaa pipe
tere chootaron par rakkhoongaa, peechhe se; haath se tere doodhon ko
pakar kar makkhan nikaaloongaa, phir piyoongaa (Alright baby, uncover
your boobs and show me your naked pussy. I will place my pipe on your
buttocks, from behind; I will churn your milk pots with my hands, then
I will drink)”

When she looked at his tool she understood why he was narrating this
procedure. With every sentence his stiffness was increasing. Preeti
was feeling satisfied. By the time she uncovered her well-chiseled
body, drops of her pussy syrup were making a puddle on the rug. This
was not hidden from Harkishan Lal. He dived and took his place under
her, in-between her legs, forcing her to spread them.

“Oh, baap ki choot, meri beti, apnaa ras moot de meray munh mein (Oh,
father’s pussy, my baby, shoot your juice in my mouth)”

Preeti was excited. This old man was surely going to give her
pleasure. She became a flame.

“Le, haraami, tujhe aaj special dawaa pilaati hun (Take, bugger, today
I will give you special medicine)”

She bent her knees slightly right above his face and let go a few
short, sharp jets. It was not her yellow nectar; it was her syrup.
Harkishan Lal was looking up into her gaping pussy. But no, it was not
`gaping’ pussy. It was a narrow, spasming, hole – opening and closing,
opening and closing. Every time it spasmed shut, out shot a sharp dose
of the syrup. Harkishan Lal had never seen such a fuck machine. It was
an invitation.
He pulled her down on his face. His pointed tongue shot into her. All
his expertise developed during his liaison with Kunti, Shobha, and
others in between, came into play. He wanted to make this girl the
happiest partner pf his fuck life. He lifted his arms upwards and
grabbed her boobs. These were rubbery, solid, perky balls. She, on her
part, slowly sat down, her eyes fixed on his pole, his proud pole.

“Oh, Shobha ke marad, Shobha ke sasur, jo marzi samajh le, par aaj
main tujhe chod, chod kar khallaas kar doongi, maidaan chhor kar bhaag
mat jaaeeyo (Oh, Shobha’s man, Shobha’s father-in-law, whatever you
are, today I am going to fuck you dry. Don’t you run away from the
battle field)”.

Preeti slowly sat down on his face, taking care to leave some space
for him to manipulate his tongue. She bent forward on her wrists and
took hold of his prick in her lips delicately. She had bent her body
in a very erotic fashion. Harkishan Lal could not decide whether to
appreciate her curves or to enjoy her ministrations to his tool.

He decided to take part in the game and to leave the `darshan sukh’
for later. He pushed his tongue into her pussy above him.

“Pssss. Psss. Pss…” He heard three short beeps. He was flabbergasted.
Instinctively he stopped.

“Kyon? Kabhi seetee waali choot nahin dekhi (Why haven’t you ever come
across a whistling cunt before)? Preeti asked, and did some
manipulation to produce Pssss. Psss. Pss again.

No, he had never even heard of a whistling cunt. He learnt later from
her that some cunts are made by Nature in such a way that by a
particular way of manipulation it produces a whistling sound. It is
variously known as a whistling or a singing cunt. Some girls feel
ashamed of the beep sound produced while exercising, or fucking or
getting licked or even sometimes when climbing on to a Cycle,
motorcycle, bus, etc. Some clever girls learn to control the sound and
use the Nature given gift to enhance their sensuous pleasure. This is
what Preeti had done. She had perfect control over this.

Harkishan Lal was beside himself. He thrust his kunna in Preeti’s
mouth and tried to push his tongue further into Preeti.

Preeti was expecting this. She sort of brushed her puss on his entire
face, instead of letting his tongue go further into her. She wanted
something else to go there. She did all sorts of things to his tool
with her mouth, hands, cheeks, whistle from the upper lips. At the
same time she used her pussy as a brush on his face, specially his
prominent nose, all the time whistling from both pairs of lips. Then
she turned him around so that he was now under her and she had her
cunt atop his prick. Giving a long whistle she settled.

“Le, ab beti se chud, beti ki phuddi bhar de apne laure se(Now get
fucked by your daughter, fill up her cunt with your prick)”.
“Kabhi itni chhoti umra ki choot ne pahle tujhe chodaa hai” She
continued(Have you ever been fucked by such a young cunt before)
“Dekh tamaashaa khiltee huee jawaani kaa (Watch the games of a
flowering youth)”

“H . . . a . . .a . . .a . . .a . . .n . . .n . . . n, t . . . e . . .
.e . . . e . . . k . . . a . . .h . . .a . . .a . . .a . . . a toone,
(Yes, you are right)

They fucked, rather she fucked him all over the room with every part
of her body and made him cum and cum. Before he could start tiring,
Shobha entered the room.

She was attired in a totally different costume. The upper was a tight
necked silken piece with sleeves down lower then the elbows, made of a
sheer material. The neck came up to the top of the boobs then it was
open and flowing. The lower garment was again tight around her narrow
waist held in place by a sort of belt. Both the buttocks were covered
with a tight fitting design, hugging the upper parts of her thighs
from below the black fur thatch, going up to just below the knees.
This left her bosom and her pussy open. Her arse and arse hole were
covered; her pussy was open. It was wearing only the natural fur, of
which she was proud.

Preeti was not distracted. Harkishan Lal was. But before he could say
anything, Khem and Mornee also entered, followed by Girish.

“Shobha, teraa yeh saand hai to karak, par saale ko gaand kaa bhi
chaskaa hai (Shobha, this stud of yours is stiff alright, but he is
also addicted of the ass hole).

Shobha did not say anything but looked at Preeti. She untangled her
self from Harkishan Lal and came in front of Khem. She opened her legs
and gestured to him to lick her pussy. Just as he touched her pussy
lips, Preeti played three or four beeps stunning all the new comers.
Shobha looked back towards the door and signaled to Vinay to come in.
He was already in the buff. Shobha stepped aside picked up something
from the corner. Everyone saw that it was a whip. Vinay saw it. He at
once became hard, stiff, long – every adjective fitted him. Shobha’s
dress and the whip excited him.

She gestured him towards the upraised buttocks of Khem who was busy
licking Preeti’s pooru. Shobha saw him hesitating for a second. She
raised her hand and a resounding noise of the whip landing on Vinay’s
behind filled the room. Vinay’s face was red, his kunna was purple and
in no time was buried deep inside the arse hole of Khem. Shobha went
and stood near Vinay’s face. As soon as he would look towards her ,she
would extend her hand and whip his behind. He would push into Khem’s
hole. Khem would push into Preeti’s pussy. The sound of the whip
travelling in the air towards Vinay’s back, it hitting the wide kundi,
and Preeti’s cunt whistles were producing strangely erotic music.

Mornee looked at Girish, Girish looked at Shobha. She pulled Mornee
towards her and lay down on the rug throwing wide her thighs. Mornee
leapt in between them leaving her upraised buttocks beckoning to
Girish. He lost no time in entering Mornee’s sleek choot from behind.

Mornee’s mouth was engaged. Shobha’s was free. She knew that Girish’s
ambition was to enter Shobha. But she did not want him to have it as a
matter of course. She also knew that Girish must have come here after
consulting with his wife Chitra. So, she brought her into the picture.

“Girish, kyon, Mornee ki choot Chitra ki tarah trained hai yaa nahin?
Agar Chitra yahaan hoti to apne haath se teraa lauraa Mornee ki phuddi
mein daalti naa (So, Girish, is Mornee’s pussy as trained as Chitra’s?
Had Chitra been here, I am sure she would have herself inserted your
cock in Mornee’s cunt)”

“Oh, Shobha, yeh to main nahin j . . . a . . . a . . . a . . . a nta .
. . a . . . a . . .a par yeh jaantaa hun . . . n . . .n . . . ki teri
cho . . . o . . . o . . . ot mein zaro . . . o . . . o . . . o . . .
or daalti . . i . . i . . i (I don’t know about this, but I know
that she must have put ini in your cunny)”

By now every one had gathered around them. Harkishan Lal was near
Shobha’s face. He could not resist the sight and took out his prick.
Preeti was at hand to minister it. She saw to it that regained its
glorious dimensions. Shobha had got hold of her whip. Vinay did not
want to loose the opportunity. He also stationed himself near her hand
presenting his already reddened kundi. Shobha aimed three, four
powerful blows and using all her strength upturned the combination.
Pushed Girish on the floor and took her seat on his middle. His kunna,
sleek with the discharges from Mornee’s love hole easily slipped in.

“Oh, Shobha, you are burning like an oven. Yet, it is the heat of
love. It is not going to burn me. O . . . h . . . h . . . h, m . . . y
. . . y . . . y love. Meri pya . . . a . . . a . . s bujhaa de
(quench my thirst).

By now all others had formed a circle around them. Shobha was fucking
Girish and whipping Vinay. Preeti was now riding Khem. Harkishan Lal
was trying to suck Mornee, who was eyeing Khem’s prick.